Goodbye 2011

As the last 5 days of 2011 wind down, I am thankful for many good things accomplished this year.

  1. Completed a full year as President of the HDL baseball league.  Four teams is tough to manage. I feel 3 teams would create a much more stable league and better equalization of team strengths. New options in 2012 will likely keep the number at 4 teams.
  2. Handled many interesting projects at CBU.  I am finding it difficult to maintain my enthusiasm for being tied to a position of responsibility.  Still, earning some extra income is hard to ignore and walk away from.
  3. Projects at home are in good shape.  Latest problem, however, has the potential to become a money-sucker (roof issues). I am running out of band aids.
  4. Much enjoyment from my family.
  5. Looking forward to going to Disneyworld in 2012 with my grandsons.
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