ELECTION YEAR and Award Ballots


Post-Season Player Award Ballots will be distributed Sunday, September 18th.  Please start doing your research now so you know who you want to vote for.  If can’t think of anyone, vote for yourself. (It’s legal)

The date of the 2016 HDL Banquet will be announced soon.  Possible dates are:  November 11, 12, 18 or 19.


Every 2 years, the HDL requires officers to be re-elected.  All current officers: Larry Rutledge, Bo McMinn, Robert Miller and Patrick Belote terms expire at end of current season and new officers will assume responsibilities.

Voting Ballots passed out on September 18th will include space for players to nominate their choice for officers.

A good ballot submital is important for a a valid election.


This is my last year to serve as President of HDL.  I am retiring from my current role as President. For health reasons, I do not feel it is my best interest to continue involvement in the day-to-day responsibilities as your president.  There are several very capable and dedicated members who can run this operation.

See you Sunday when I return from out of town.

A copy of the ballot is attached here for you to copy and fill-out if that is more convenient.


Larry Rutledge

HDL President

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